Mother kills, mutilates son

A 31-year-old mother is expected to appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court today after she was charged with the murder and violation of the body of her 10-year-old son.

It is alleged the woman, whose name cannot be revealed as yet as she has not yet appeared in court, first cut the throat of her son and proceeded to cut off his private parts (penis and testicles). She then placed them in a plastic bag that she carried in her handbag. She later dumped the body in nearby bushes that are close to the new Ondangwa military base.

She then went to a local Pentecostal church where she is a congregant, where she allegedly confessed and presented her son's body parts to shocked church elders.

The elders promptly called the police and the woman was arrested.

On Thursday afternoon a villager from Onansi village near Ondangwa discovered the mutilated body of the Grade 4 learner at Oluno Primary School, identified as Erickson Malulu, the biological son of the suspect.

Oshana Police regional commander Commissioner Rauha Amwele confirmed the incident.

Amwele said the woman, who is a security officer based in Ondangwa, was indeed the prime suspect in the murder of her son.

Sources said the boy was often seen playing outside the mother's shack with other children from the location.

He was also seen on Thursday, in the late afternoon.

Neighbours had noticed odd behaviour from the mother who started to complain that many things in her house were possessed by demons. She started burning and selling some of her household goods.

Little did they know such odd behaviour would lead to the murder of her son.

The suspect is a native of Eenhana in Ohangwena Region but was staying in Epya location in Ondangwa.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia