Move On, Mbumba Urges Mudge

THE Swapo Party secretary general Nangolo Mbumba yesterday said he pitied Republican Party leader Henk Mudge for hanging on to the old tag that they were South Africa’s colonial regime puppets.

Mbumba said this in reaction to Mudge’s statement during the launch of the RP’s election manifesto on Saturday.

Mbumba said before independence, the then Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, RP and other parties had been working with the South African apartheid regime and this was highlighted by their attendance of the Turnhalle conference.

“It is such a pity that it is still paining him that he was called a puppet. They were working alongside the SA regime and by crying about it in public, he makes it even clearer to those who did not know that he was a puppet,” said Mbumba.

He said nobody will apologise to RP, DTA or Mudge.

“He is just wasting time, we have moved on and we will not call anyone names anymore. He should instead focus on what he says and stands for and not what other people are saying,” Mbumba said.

Mudge had on Saturday reiterated that the leaders of the RP and DTA were not puppets of the South African colonial regime.

Mudge was speaking to a group of supporters during the launch of the party’s election manifesto at Okahandja Park in Windhoek.

The launch was attended by RP parliamentarian Clara Gowases, secretary general Tony Nkosi and supporters.

Mudge said the true revelations of what happened will come out in two months’ time when the autobiography of his father Dirk Mudge is published.

Henk Mudge was reported as saying at the late Chief Kuaima Riruako’s funeral that Chief Clemens Kapuuo, Dirk Mudge, or any leader in the run-up to the Turnhalle conference and those who formed the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, were not puppets of the SA regime.

The reports had pointed out that the president of the DTA would have been used by the colonial regime to govern from the outside and that they would be taking orders from Pretoria.

On Saturday Mudge said a government under the leadership of the Republican Party will appoint two deputy ministers for four ministries as well as merge the Ministry of Mines and Energy with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources while Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry will include lands and resettlement.

“This year, it will be a landslide victory, it’s about time. This is a new beginning, Swapo cannot continue treating Namibia as if it’s their personal property,” said Mudge.

He said the RP government will create the ‘Ministry for Employment Creation and Poverty Reduction’ which will have employment units across the country in effort to address poverty and the high unemployment rate.

The ministry will stop the ‘uncontrolled influx’ of Chinese and other foreign nationals who do not make any contribution towards skills transfer and capacity building in Namibia.

Additionally, the ministry will introduce tax and other incentives for private companies and farmers to create jobs and there to be an establishment of Small Medium Enterprises by updating current outdated laws and regulations rather than suppressing initiatives.

Earlier this year, Mudge said his party will not field a presidential candidate but instead will support Swapo’s presidential candidate Hage Geingob.

He did not say how his party can than create ministries if there is a different president for the country.

Source : The Namibian