Movers and Shakers Honoured At Lüderitz

Three women received awards last Saturday for their achievements in business and for the work they do in the community.

The awards were handed out at an event celebrating women’s day by a group of women of South African origin, who are Namibian citizens.

The ceremony, which was attended by 50 women, took place at AFM Bethesda Church in Luumlderitz, under the theme: “Phenomenal Woman.”

Anna Bostander who owns a fleet of buses transporting passengers from Luumlderitz to Keetmanshoop was selected best businesswoman.

Betty Wilskyt who has since 2006 been conducting Bible studies for inmates at Luumlderitz prison was also handed an award for her efforts.

Wilskyt currently conducts Bible study sessions for 33 inmates at the prison.

Brigitte Fredricks’s efforts on recurrent gender-based violence were also recognised. She educates and sensitizes the youth of Luumlderitz on the dangers of gender-based violence.

Gail Izaks a schoolteacher at a private school and a member of the Apostolic Faith Mission Bethesda Church hosted the breakfast meeting to commemorate women’s day.

Izaks as the main speaker spoke about women being dedicated and beautiful and unique as butterflies. Izaks compared women to butterflies that have a four-stage life cycle of which each stage looks completely different from the other and serves a different purpose.

She said women go through the same four stages as the butterfly – she talked about the pupa stage, when she believes safety should be in the family home.

However, it has become the most dangerous place for some young women, as home could be the same place where violence occurs, due to the fact that often sexual exploitation takes place.

“The stage when the butterfly is a little worm, I believe this is the stage where the woman allows herself to be victim of abuse and domestic violence.

“We as women in the month of August take a stand and say, we are tearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. We say it doesn’t matter about my body build, my hair, skin colour – I am like a butterfly, a beautiful creation, but after going through these experiences as women, we were meant for our beautiful wings to be broken, and I can’t fly as I am supposed to be,” she said.

Izaks in her inspirational speech urged all women to be proud and to enjoy the joy of being women.

Source : New Era