MTC hands over dividends worth over N.dollars 380m to its two primary shareholders

WINDHOEK: Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) yesterday handed over dividends worth over N.dollars 380 million to its two primary shareholders.

MTC’s two shareholders are the Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings Group (NPTH) and Portugal Telecom (PT).

MTC is owned 66 per cent by NPTH, which in turn is fully owned by the Namibian Government, while 34 per cent of MTC is owned by PT.

The NPTH received a dividend of N.dollars 253 million and PT N.dollars 131 million.

These dividends were handed over by MTC chairperson, Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi.

MTC is the largest mobile operator in Namibia, with over two million active subscribers.