MTC seeking proposals to fight GBV

After their recent Gender-based violence (GBV) Knockout project, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) formed a steering committee to single out an appropriate GBV organisation who will receive the proceeds of N.dollars 841 320.

Although the project missed its N.dollars 1 million goal, it managed to raise N.dollars 841 320 which will be awarded to a handpicked organisation who works with GBV related issues.

We want people to sit on this committee who actually understand this project and who made their commitment in terms of sponsoring, Ekandjo.

Speaking a media conference, MTC Chief of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Tim Ekandjo said the steering committee,who are members from the event's sponsors, will within the next few weeks open up a time period for proposals to be submitted.

Ekandjo said they want the proceeds utilised as soon as possible and will therefore allow proposal submission for a week to ensure that the process is finalised by 20 November.

To give more, clarify on the requirements of the proposal and the focus of the steering committee, MTC's Corporate Communications Manager, John Ekongo said the committee, who was established on the basis of transparency, is calling on all organisations who deal with GBV issues to submit their proposals.

It all relies on the quality of the proposals of these organisations and they need to come to us and convince us, Ekongo said.

The steering committee will take into consideration the background of the organisations, their past activities in the GBV field as well as their financial records.

We are not experts in that fields so we are calling on these organisations to tell us what they are going to do. We look at everything and if need be we will do due diligence and ask for references, financial records and who are your directors, if need be, Ekongo said.

Organisations that are part of the steering committee include National Special Risks Insurance Association (NASRIA), Namib Desert Diamonds' (Namdia), Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Bank of Namibia (BoN), MTC and Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) among others.

The MTC Knockout Project saw some of Namibia and #146;s top entertainers and prominent personalities trading leather to fight GBV on 12 October 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency