MTC Slashes Data Costs By 90 Percent

Namibia’s first mobile telecommunications company, MTC, has reduced cost of data to 10 cents per megabyte, in a thank you to customer promotion that would run until October 02. MTC says the “uptake of data has been amazing over the past 2 years, as a result of the tremendous investment by MTC in this area which represents more than 75 percent of the total investment for the last year.”

MTC’s Chief Human Capital amp Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo, said the campaign, launched on midnight of September 8, means that the out of bundle rate will be 10 cents per megabyte and the price will be valid till midnight of October 2.

The campaign is available to all MTC customers, pre-paid and post-paid on all packages except Netman Unlimited packages or Netman Time, which does not have out of bundle charges. However, the discounts will not be applicable to roaming customers.

Ekandjo also said that customers do not need to register for the campaign, because the out of bundle rate of 10 cents will automatically kick in once the normal in bundle data is depleted.

Source : New Era