MTC to invest in rural network upgrades

Following months of high-level consultations between the Governors of all regions and Mobile Telecommunications Limited MTC, MTC yesterday announced that it has availed over N$12 million for network infrastructural improvements and upgrades.
These plans form part of MTC s network and infrastructural development program set up by the network operator and the regional governments.
The Regional Governments were instrumental in highlighting and identifying the geographical areas that warrants the improved network reception, as they were asked to identify towns and areas were coverage is needed mostly.
The investment from MTC will amount to N$12 million during the year under review, and 6 of the 13 regions have been earmarked for construction of new towers to extensively improve network reception in remote and rural parts of the country.
The six regions and their areas are Elavi in Oshikoto , Onawa in Omusati, Omatako Valley in Otjozondjupa, Otjiyarwa in Omaheke, Kapani in Caprivi and Mata Mata in the Karas region. The duration of the construction including Environmental Impact Assessment studies are forecasted to be 5 months with the target completion expected to around August 2013.