MTC wary of leo threat

The recent take-over of second mobile operator, leo, by Telecom Namibia presents a challenge to MTC ‘s dominance of the country’s mobile telecommunications space, the mobile telecommunications giant has conceded.
MTC MD Miguel Geraldes told The Economist Wednesday that despite his company’s current dominance, Telecom Namibia’s ownership of leo may result in MTC losing some of its mobile customers to its competitor.
Geraldes said of Telecom’s take-over of leo: “You will always have opportunities and you will have challenges, threats, whatever you can call them. We know our advantage, we know exactly where we can do better and where we have our challenges. We understand that they (Telecom Namibia) have more infrastructure than us; they can deploy much more fiber than us so in that regard it is a challenge to us.”
Another challenge, Geraldes picked out, is the 100% government ownership of Telecom. He said since the government is a large MTC customer, its acquisition of leo through Telecom Namibia brings uncertainty.