Mumbala happy with the ‘pot’ results

The ||Kharas Swapo Regional Coordinator said the reason he did not go for the Swapo electoral college also known as the 'pot' is because he wanted to give chances to other.

In an interview with Nampa on Monday, Matheus Mumbala said it was his choice to stand or not to stand for the pot and he decided not to stand and give chances to others to stand a chance to go to Parliament.

The regional coordinator bowed out of the race four days ahead of the Electoral College.

To parliament I will go but not now, I wanted to give a chance to other from this region, people were asking if I will stand so the support me that I decided not to go, wanted the young people to go that why I stand aside, said Mumbala.

However the regional coordinator describes the Electoral College as fair as just adding that he is happy that all the leaders assigned to the ||Kharas region made to the list.

The assigned members to the region are Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero who stand at 42 on the list, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Maureen Hinda-Mbuende at 66, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhardt Esau at 33 and Member of Parliament, Eliphas Ndingara is 71 on the pot list.

He noted that one does not get the desired results from elections adding that the region did try its best with two more central committee members making it to the list.

The two are Hilma Nicanor the Keetmanshoop Urban constituency councillor who stands at 18 while Hilaria Mukapuli who is the Mayor of Luderitz stands at 70 on the list.

Mumbala expressed disappointment that the two candidates who were elected to represent the region did not make it to be part of the list however he was quick to say that there is always a next time and hope that the region will do better.

The two candidates who were elected to represent the region were the Organjemund regional councillor, Lazarus Nangolo, who stands at 113 while Regional information and Mobilisation secretary, Aletha Frederick stands at 156.

Other representative from the ||Kharas region who did not make it to the list are central committee member, Laurencia Stephanus who stand at 161, Maria Shihepo, member of central committee of the Swapo youth league stands at 160 while Annamarie Pieter also member of central committee elder council is 154 on the list.

Source: Namibia Press Agency