Murder Accused’s Bail Withdrawn

Barely a month after his bail was reinstated by Judge Alfred Siboleka who felt pity for him, Martin Angamba, the 44-year-old security guard from Swakopmund accused of killing his supervisor had his bail cancelled yet again.

The reason Angamba’s bail was revoked was because of his failure to show up at pre-scheduled court hearings.

“Enough is enough,” said a clearly displeased Judge Siboleka when Angamba again failed to pitch up on 4 August for his judgment, after failures to attend on 30 and 31 July for submissions on his guilt or innocence.

During the submissions, where Angamba was glaring in his absence the judge ordered the State represented by Aocate Ethel Ndlovu, and Titus Ipumbu who appeared on behalf of Angamba to continue with their submissions.

But the judge had reached the end of his tether and issued a warrant of arrest with immediate effect.

He was arrested in Swakopmund on 12 August and brought to Windhoek where his bail was cancelled and declared forfeited to the State last week Thursday.

His excuse for his absence: He was looking for alternative accommodation for his children after their aunt chased them out of her house.

Clearly not satisfied with the explanation, Judge Siboleka immediately cancelled the bail that he reinstituted on 3 July after taking pity on Angamba.

The judgment will be delivered on 27 August and Angamba remains in custody at the Windhoek Central Prison cells for trial-awaiting prisoners. Angamba faces charges of murder, drunk driving, attempted murder and assault.

The State alleges Angamba killed 28-year-old Andrew Molaletz, a colleague and his supervisor, on 28 December, 2011 in Swakopmund after which he drove to the office of G4S in Swakopmund while drunk where he allegedly pointed a firearm at Elma Bloedooght who was also a colleague of his and manning the control room, while the fourth count of assault also relates to Bloedooght.

Source : New Era