Mwiya warns NCCI members against ‘name-dropping’

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Charity Mwiya told industry stakeholders at the Windhoek Mayoral Forum on Wednesday that they should stop mixing politics with business.

Mwiya said she is well informed of the tendency of business people, amongst them members of the NCCI, using the names of politicians in order to advance their business interests.

She said she will expose those who have been identified as engaging in such behaviour.

Stop manipulating decision makers with political connection [ ] because you want to get a tender. That must stop, Mwiya cautioned.

Let the playing field be level and let us allow everyone to have access to opportunities the country has to offer, Mwiya said.

Mwiya said she regards herself as a veteran of the NCCI and is disappointed that there are SME's who have been registered with the NCCI for the past 15 years as SME's.

She said in actual fact they should have 'graduated' from that status and become medium sized enterprises or even larger enterprises'.

Mwiya said the NCCI knows of the crucial role played by SME's in the development of advanced economies but cautioned that she will only advocate for SME's based on good performance.

Mwiya noted that in the past SME's who are members of the NCCI have failed to deliver on projects awarded to them.

She said it is wrong for NCCI to advocate for SME's to be given priority in procurement processes of large institutions such as the Windhoek municipality when they have a track record of not delivering.

As we create our SME database we will make sure we reward those who are really performing and shame those who are not, Mwiya said.

The NCCI is a representative body for businesses in the private sector and Mwiya told stakeholders at the forum that the NCCI will continue to capacitate SME's through the body's SME' development program.

We will continue to assist in equipping our members with skills to participate in procurement and tendering processes, Mwiya said.

I therefore implore upon the business community who are not part of the NCCI to come to the table. It is one thing to complain out there but it helps to be part of the body that is equipped in offering solutions, Mwiya further added.

Source: Namibia Press Agency