N.dollars 33 million earmarked for fodder production

Government has earmarked 30 per cent of land under the Green Scheme projects to be utilised for fodder production as a drought resilience measure.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa announced this during a media briefing on decisions taken at the latest Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday.

The non-mechanised hydroponic fodder production systems will cultivate necessary resilience needed to mitigate drought in future and to have guaranteed fodder production.

Cabinet authorised the Office of the Prime Minister under the National Emergency Disaster Fund to advance an amount of N.dollars 33 198 000 to Agribusdev for the fodder production.

Simataa noted that of the N.dollars 33 million, an amount of N.dollars 10 445 828 was advanced to Agribusdev last month to guaranteed the production of fodder and ensure uninterrupted supply during the drought period.

Cabinet further directed the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to conduct research on other alternative production of livestock supplements, including hydroponic fodder production and bush to feed, and make appropriate recommendations.

Cabinet also supported the introduction and promotion of non-merchandised hydroponic system at farmers' level, and authorise the forestry ministry to develop conditions for the operation of the scheme.

The prime minister further noted that Government acknowledges the introduction of the hydroponic system, which produces fodder in seven days and could feed many cattle. It has therefore approved a subsidy scheme to support small-scale farmers who want to venture into non-mechanised fodder production.

Government also plans to train farmers in hydroponic fodder production.

Source: Namibia Press Agency