N$240 000 stolen from ATM at Rehoboth

The police have launched a manhunt for a gang of thieves who between Tuesday night and the early hours of yesterday morning broke into a Rehoboth Nedbank automated teller machine (ATM) and stole N$240 930.

According to Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi the daring theft at the ATM occurred between Tuesday at 17h00 and at around 07h00 on Wednesday.

He said thieves cut through the roof of the bank, which is in a complex, to gain entry. It is alleged the gang broke down the ATM door and cut into the ATM machine with a cutting torch, and then stole the money.

He said the gang got out the same way they entered.

Kanguatjivi added there was a security guard at the complex who reported for duty on Tuesday morning at 06h30 and knocked off at 21h00.

In an unrelated incident, two employees of Penny Pinchers were arrested after it was discovered they allegedly stole 900 bags of cement from their employer over a period of time. The goods are valued at N$81 000.

The two suspects were arrested on Tuesday afternoon. According to City Police spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele the employees stole the cement over time. He said it was noticed there was a shortage of cement and their employer reviewed camera footage, which indicated the suspects had stolen the cement from the company.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia