N$8,000 fine for hacking man to death

Windhoek-The man who has been standing trial for murder and assault following a hacking incident that resulted in the death of Manfred Gowaseb in Katutura, Windhoek, six years ago, was fined N$8,000 as sentence.

Alfred Goseb, 36, who denied guilt was found guilty by the court on a count of culpable homicide and a count of common assault. Magistrate Elina Nandago presided.

The accused unlawfully and negligently caused the death of Manfred Gowaseb by chopping him with a panga, explained Nandago.

Goseb was arrested on December 3, 2011 following a tussle that ended up in a hacking. The prosecution alleged the accused hacked Gowaseb in the vicinity of Katutura with the intent to kill him.

According to an eyewitness who was also a victim, Henock Uirab, the attack occurred because of a tussle over a stove.

In the tussle to regain the stove, Goseb allegedly grabbed a panga and struck the deceased on the cheek.

A charge of assault emanated from Uirab, the bystander who got injured on his arm.

Goseb and his companion had driven off leaving the deceased bleeding heavily.

The deceased was hospitalised but was pronounced dead a few hours later. Although Goseb had denied guilt stating that he acted in self-defence, his testimony conflicted on various points.

There is no doubt that though the accused had no intention to cause the deceased's death, he acted negligently when he swung the panga, ruled the magistrate Nandago.

The accused is fined an amount of N$8,000 of which N$4,000 is suspended for three years on condition the accused is not convicted of the same offence during the period of suspension, said Nandago.

Failure to pay the fine, Goseb is to serve two years behind bars.

On the count of common assault, Goseb was sentenced to a fine of N$500, alternatively serve six months in prison.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia