NAMAs honours veteran musos

Veteran guitarist, Sebulon Axue Gomachab, alongside seasoned drummer, Siegfried Ou Jomo Haoseb, were awarded Lifetime Achievers Award, and with it brought some nostalgia to the evening, with their deep rooted sounds hailing back from the 1960s.

The glitzy N$11-million NAMAS extravaganza last Saturday at the Swakopmund Dome, drew high profile personalities, Namibia's trending artists, energetic back-up dancers, and dazzling costumes with Hollywood style sound and lighting. The awards didn't disappoint, and this year organisers and artists took the level of show-bizz up a notch. The night celebrated a high volume of musical talent, jaw dropping blue carpet fashion trends, and the 'who's who' of the VIP society who rubbed shoulders with celebrities and the industry's best.

Over 2 000 people attended the one-night event, which is in its eighth year, and was also broadcast on all 11 languages of NBC radio stations, including a live broadcast to NBC viewers. With awards being dished out to the 24 category winners by glamorous presenters, they were all accompanied by screaming fans and a programme that went off without a hitch. Performing artists kept the audience entertained for hours. Sally Boss Madam, Chikune, Monique English, PDK, Ou Stakes, Kalux, Leather Mein, Destruction Boyz, Babes Wodumo, Axue, Ou Jomo, Cool Under Pressure, Effy, Bullet ya kaoko, KP' illest; Reeziana and Twazis, you name them the list is endless.

Top awards went to Sally Boss Madam who walked off with the Best Female Artist of the Year award for My Black as well as Best R and B for her song Ecstasy. Best Album of the Year was awarded to the talented saxophonist Suzy Eises, who also won Best Newcomer. She gave a thrilling solo performance. Kalux is Best Male artist of the Year for Tuhafeni, who got a thunderous applaud from the crowds.

Although the award show is a collaboration of hard work and dedication from various quarters, mention must be made to the tight 'NAMAS House Band' who are all independent session musicians, and join forces once a year to back the various acts. Another high five must go to the quality of sound and stage lighting delivered by Mikel Jes.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia