Namibia: Aus Clinic Gets New Ambulance

Aus Clinic recently received an ambulance worth about N$1 million, equipped with a wide array of life-saving equipment for critical-care patients.

During the handover, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Dr Andreas Mwoombola, stated that in an effort to improve maternal and child health the health ministry made a decision to provide an ambulance and driver to all health facilities more than 75 to 100 km from base hospitals in order to improve the response time for emergency calls.

Aus Clinic is located 120 km from its base hospital, Luderitz State Hospital. Tributary roads to Rosh Pinah and to Walvis Bay have their origins at Aus and the Aus Clinic is the first port of call in case of an accident along these roads. He said it is against this background that resources were made available for the procurement of ambulances for //Karas and other regions.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has, however, not been able to meet 100 percent of the region's request for ambulances for the current year, due to competing priorities. "Apart from being part of our plan, the realisation of the plan has been made possible by constant reminders from Luderitz' district political and traditional leadership. This indicates your keen interest and commitment to address peoples' need," he stated.

Mwoombola stressed the four remaining clinics that are located 75 to 100 km from the nearest hospital, Berseba, Ariamsvlei, Noordoever and Oranjemund, would also receive ambulances soon.

He appealed to the nurse in charge of Aus Clinic to ensure that the ambulance is used for its intended purpose and that it is well looked after. He expects the ambulance will be used and monitored according to the ministerial transport policy and guidelines.

"Services and repairs should be done on time. Although we don't wish for accidents, they do happen and when they happen they should be swiftly investigated and promptly reported to relevant authorities and institutions as per policies and guidelines," he said.

He said it is the duty of the community to ensure the ambulance is properly utilised by reporting any misuse and abuse of the ambulance to the relevant authorities.

"My office had appealed for an ambulance due to the previous delays in acquiring immediate and speedy response to accidents and other medical events. This ambulance will greatly improve all our lives. The ambulance is a testament to the Harambee Prosperity Plan's realisation and clear proof that we are all members of one house," said Nami#nus Constituency Councillor, Jan Scholtz.

Chief medical officer of the // Karas Region Job Andile, special advisor to //Karas Governor Hansina Christian and Chief of the !Ama //Aes David Frederick, as well as Luderitz Mayor Hilaria Mukapuli, were among those present at the handover of the ambulance.

Source: New Era. All rights reserved