Namibia: Can to Stage Endgame Next Month

Endgame, the second and final international stage work in the annual theatre festival of Committed Artists of Namibia (CAN) will be staged next month.

Interest in this absurd Samuel Beckett play, depicting the life style of a quadriplegic patient in relation to his family and his caregiver, already runs high among CAN's hordes of regular patrons of exceptional high quality global theater. This funny and absurd play will be staged for only two nights with tickets for the first night already sold out.

This is also the second play by Samuel Beckett CAN will be staging. The first Beckett drama, Waiting for Godot, was successfully staged in 2013. Endgame features the exceptional high natural stage skills of the very best acting stage talent around, namely Shirley Swartz as Nell, the elderly mother; and John Isaacks, Nagg, the elderly father. The actress and actor starred both in the festival's Afrikaans play, Die Laaste Karretjie Graf this May. Frederick B. Philander, also the play director, this time portrays the challenging role of a quadriplegic patient, Hamm. David Campbell, who starred in one Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest last year, and Die Laaste Karretjie Graf, plays the part of caregiver, Clov, in this captivating stage work.

Source: New Era