Namibia impaired community in want to be part of decision making processes

The Chairperson of the Namibian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD), Beata Armas, said the hearing impaired community in Namibia also want to be part of decision making processes in the country.

Armas made the call at the national celebration for the month of hearing impaired people here yesterday, which is held each year during September to raise awareness about challenges faced by people with hearing impairment and to address their needs.

The celebration was held under the theme 'Sign Language Rights for All'.

Speaking to a poorly attended event, the chairlady said Government should consider including people with hearing impairment in decision-making bodies in the country as they know their needs themselves.

Armas further said that the government should include interpreters or people that can do sign language at public institutions like police stations and hospitals.

She said nurses and doctors should be able to communicate through sign language or have someone that can interpret for them so that they can communicate with those that have hearing impairment.

Source: Namibia Press Agency