‘Namibia, Land of Extremes’ At FNCC

BELGIAN – born freelance photographers Elyane and Cedric Jacquet have been travelling the world and Namibia is one of their favourite destinations.

Their photo exhibition ‘Namibia, Land of Extremes’ opens at the gallery of the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) on Monday, 14 April. The couple plan to give an art talk about their photography, also at the FNCC on Thursday, 17 April.

The Jacquets, both born in 1968, developed a passion for photography and wildlife during a six month trip from Zanzibar to Cape Town in 1993. During that trip, they fell in love with Namibia and considered moving here to open an animal orphanage. Eventually they returned to Europe. A few years later, their passion for photography won, and they became freelancers in 2003.

Elyane developed her trade in portrait and travel photography, while Cedric concentrated on nature and wildlife photography. Since then, they travel the world. Namibia is still one of their favourite destinations and feels like a second home to them. With this exhibition they share their vision of a land of beauty.

At their art talk, where they will be sharing their passion for photography and wildlife with the public, the Jacquets will relate some of the stories behind their images and talk about the increasingly vital relationship between their art and the conservation of environment, endangered species and their natural habitat.

‘Namibia, Land of Extremes’ opens next Monday and runs until 9 May at the FNCC Gallery. ‘A Photographic Journey Through the Land of Extremes’, the art talk, will start at 18h00 on 17 April at the FNCC Cinema. Entrance is free.

Source : The Namibian