Namibia: Nantu Won’t Give Up On Pay Rise Demands

THE Namibian National Teachers Union says it will not relent in its demands for an 8% increase for its members.

This was announced by the union's secretary general Basilius Haingura during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. He informed union members that the scheduled meeting on the issue could not materialise because government officials requested for a postponement of proceedings.

Haingura further said that a final meeting is scheduled for 10 August, with the hope that an amicable solution to their demands would be found.

"Failure to resolve the issue will determine our further action," he stated.

Haingura stressed that Nantu is aware of the "delaying tactics" of government, which he said are aimed at frustrating union members in order to force them to accept the 5% salary adjustment offer.

"Their tactics will not derail us from our demands. We remain firm, determined and focused, and shall not be moved, like a tree standing by the water side," he added.

The unionist said the postponement led Nantu to go back and forth in arguing the presence of the government's legal representative. He said Nantu's conviction is that the matter is not complex, and does not require legal representation.

"Nantu expects government to uphold the laws of this country, rather than interpret the laws to suit their hidden agendas. It should be clear to government when to use the services of the attorney general," Haingura charged.

Source: The Namibian