Namibia: Nujoma Warns Against Divisive Tendencies

Former President Sam Nujoma warned Namibians against divisive tendencies during his 87th birthday celebrations over the weekend at his Etunda Trust Farm.

Nujoma said history had taught people how the enemies of peace, freedom and social progress have caused divisions, political instability and economic sabotage in order to reverse the economic freedom and independence gained in some 'sister' countries on the African continent.

"As Namibians, we must therefore remain vigilant around the clock so that we are not divided through political manoeuvring," he stated.

Nujoma said Namibians should continue to promote unity.

"It is only in this manner that we will be able to build a strong, united and prosperous nation in the spirit of Harambee," he said.

Touching on his popular saying, Nujoma noted: "I believe a united people, striving to achieve a common good for all members of society, will always emerge victorious." He said his birthday is celebrated under the theme 'The day of rededication to service' as it's a befitting theme to boost Namibians to rededicate themselves to delivering affordable and quality service to all people.

"From what I have been told, our recently graduated medical doctors have been trained in the context in which they will practise, and they have been instilled with a sense of duty and dedication to service. These are the first medical doctors trained by the University of Namibia," Nujoma said to loud applause.

He further stated: "When we started as a government, there was Bantu education by the South African regime, but we crushed them. It is for this reason that we must continue to train and educate numbers of doctors, engineers, marine biologists, geologists, agriculturalists and researchers.

This represents our hopes and manifests our aspirations for a Namibia that is able to feed itself as well as produce and manufacture for itself."

Source: The Namibian