Namibia: Plant Yourself Amongst Fruit Bearing Trees

There is a saying that goes: "Show me your friends and I will show you who you are."

Many of us don't realise this, but we are the company we keep. We may not immediately, but as time goes on we begin to adopt their ways of thinking and doing things. This is only a good thing when you associate yourself with the right company, more so, like-minded people and/or people who are far more successful or greater thinkers than you.

This is called aligning your vision with the right mission, because you quickly learn their principles and benefit from the "blessing of association". Even though for a time it feels like breadcrumbs, if you hang in there long enough, you would have baked a cake out of a slice in the long run, without even realising it.

Successful and focused people value their time, hence they spend most of their time improving and growing themselves and when they take time to have fun, they really have well-deserved fun time. They are positive, inspiring and take calculated steps.

The good thing is that most of the time they have already conquered through hardships and have built thick skins. They have been there and can really teach you a thing or two. But, go-getters love go-getters. They understand and value the principle of like-mindedness; they value returns and hate to waste their time. So, most of the time, if successful people avoid you, it's not because you don't have money, or are not cool enough, it's because you lack vision.

Most of the time you are not willing to learn anything or do anything, so to them it's a total waste of time being around you, because you want instead to be spoonfed and leech off them, etc. So if you really want to join the successful people's club, then you're going to have to pull up your socks, get your game together and if you don't have a game, at least have a seed (right attitude), willingness to learn and appreciation. Bring your part, and never be ashamed to ask questions.

Now, in order for you to align your vision to the right mission, you're going to need to first find your niche. Be very clear about what you want, and thereafter, identify friends who have similar/complementing goals, or people who have been there. Hang around these kinds of people and you will never lose focus.

When you know your niche, you will be able to let go of wrong friends and wrong relationships as soon as you identify them.

You see, weeds don't only exist in agriculture or plant form; they exist in human form too. So, you will experience friends who lack focus. Those who live for the moment are easily blown away by the wind. These are the types of people you find everywhere! And it's not because they are multi-talented and can do just about everything, No!

They are lost. They don't have a vision. Nothing! Today they are red, tomorrow they are blue, the next year they are monochrome, etc. The danger in hanging around these kinds of people is that, you will become just like them, simple.

In agriculture a weed is a valueless plant that grows wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground, to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop. However, in real life, weeds are the "need to look like they have it" people.

They suck the life and success out of you. Notice that the word cultivated is in bold, that is to say weeds like to grow in cultivated fields. This means that they attach themselves to focused and successful individuals, those who have a plan for their lives and their intention is to grow together with you, succeed with you at no work and cost whatsoever.

They are constantly heard boasting about how they hang with you. They want to be seen with you, but they add absolutely nothing, zilch to your success. Weeds constantly encourage you to spend on unnecessary things, like alcohol and parties instead of saving.

Weeds encourage you to focus on your outer appearance by investing in expensive clothes and handbags, just so they can borrow your clothes and look successful. A weed will never teach you or encourage you to invest your time in anything that yields positive results, never! When weeds are present in your life all you do is spend and spend some more, waste and waste some more.

This year, make a conscious decision to plant yourself amongst other fruit-bearing trees. And if you are sowing, sow on good grounds, prepare the grounds before you sow your seed. That is to say you should be prepared. Before you do anything, do your research and be well informed.

Lastly, pull out all the weeds in your life currently and let them grow far away from you.

Source: New Era.