Namibia Prepares for Global Smart Partnership Dialogue

In preparation for the upcoming Global Smart Partnership conference in South Africa, to take place in October, Namibia is hosting a series of public information sharing sessions on the Global Smart Partnership activities in the country.

The Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management (CPTM) is a networking dialogue that promote development, in which Namibia has been actively involved for the past years with outstanding development results for various communities. However, not many of these developments have been piublicised, hence the information sharing sessions, starting with a public lanch of the iniative next week.

“This is something Namibia aims to promote and develop. Namibia has been a keen participant in the movement since its inception. Namibians are encouraged to participate in the CPTM and Smart Partnership Movement,” said Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) said in a statement.

The Smart Partnership Dialogue acts as a national and international consultative forum through the CPTM in which Smart Partnership Dialogues are held to allow the sharing of experiences that would empower community members and create new opportunities for sustainable sharing of economic progress.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in conjunction with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is set to officially launch an awareness campaign and to celebrate the Smart Partnership Movement that falls within the framework of the CPTM in Windhoek.

The launch aims to inform and educate the public on a regular basis between government and the private sector as well as community members in an effort to share information, knowledge and expertise to find solutions to developmental challenges.

Moreover, the Smart Partnership Movement also create limitless and sustainable opportunities and allows the participants to function in national economies.

The key principles, the statement said include a web of inclusivity, volunteerism, a win-win philosophy and community as well as neighbourhood prosperity.

Source : New Era