Namibia: Renovation of Swakopmund School Requires Millions

THE Atlantic Junior Secondary School at Swakopmund is in a dilapidated state, and needs renovation.

An investigation by Nampa found that the renovations will cost government N$6 million.

The school has 886 learners, and was opened in 1981.

Some officials at the school told Nampa on condition of anonymity last week that parents are concerned about the state of the school, and have been asking when it will be renovated.

"In 2013, part of the ceiling fell on the head of a learner. That is when they reacted and repaired the ceilings in five classrooms and the administration block. I do not know how long we have to wait for the rest of the renovations," one official said.

Nampa established that the ceilings in almost 80% of the classes, offices and corridors are damaged.

The roofs, floors, walls and tiles are cracked, and the cupboards in classes are falling apart.

"When there is mist or rain, the roofs leak. This is not a conducive environment for children at all," another official said.

School principal Emma Ipinge on Monday said the school is old, but refused to confirm any of the allegations of leaking ceilings and worn-out structures.

She instead referred Nampa to the regional education director, John /Awaseb, who on Tuesday confirmed that the school infrastructure is in a bad state.

"It is true. The roofs are leaking, and it is not good for our children to be taught in such conditions," said the director.

He also confirmed that the renovations will cost N$6 million, but said there is not enough money to repair schools.

"We only receive N$3 million a year to renovate schools. That is not enough. That's why we want to renovate in phases," he explained.

/Awaseb said his office prioritised renovations on another part of the school for next year.

"That school is on our priority list of schools which need renovations. The 2016 budget's money will be released next month, and renovations will start next year."

Other schools which need renovations are the Swakopmund Senior Secondary, Petrus !Ganeb Secondary at Uis, Dibasen Junior Secondary at Okombahe and SI !Gobs Senior Secondary at Omaruru.

Source: The Namibian