Namibia: Sedjo Mind to Shoot Two Videos

Rumours recently surfaced that House, Hip hop and Afro-Pop icon, Lusian Ndadaleka Eugenio, better known by his stage name Sedjo Mind, is to set to shoot two videos this month.

New Era was informed Sedjo Mind of Legend Music Production, known as a massive performer in Namibia and Angola, has been in talks with local filmmaker Mamba, of Mamba's Mansion, to shoot two music videos.

Sedjo Mind and the filmmaker have been publicly complimenting each other's work as of late, and have just agreed to debut two videos of the songs "Give me a chance" and "Self in the mirror" in Windhoek next weekend.

"The venue is still to be revealed soon on social networks, as everyone is welcome to attend the shoot," says he. "Give me a chance," has an Afro-Pop flavour and features Boss Kid, which has been making airwaves countrywide, especially in bars, on jukeboxes and on the streets.

"Self in the mirror," is a new release Hip-Hop single. According to Sedjo Mind, fans should expect the videos to be out by the end of July on NBC, One Africa and all broadcasting channels in Angola.

"We've got about ten songs ready and we're still going to make eight more to complete the long-awaited debut album of 15 songs. The album features local and a few international established artists and will be out by November. We'll be available in all parts of Namibia and in neighbouring countries," says Sedjo Mind spokesperson and manager Morning Angombe.

Source: New Era.