Namibia: Suspects Throw Dead Accomplice From Getaway Car

After their alleged accomplice was shot and killed in the early morning hours of Friday, July 8 during a robbery attempt at a shebeen in the Omusati Region, the remaining suspects allegedly threw their dead partner in crime out of the getaway vehicle.

The attempted robbery happened at Ndemutyavela Shebeen at Okashopasha Village in the Etayi Constituency. It is alleged the security guard - who is now a murder suspect - fired at the suspected burglars, who were attempting to rob the shebeen. In the process one of the suspected burglars, identified as Asser Shilomboleni Shikongo from Oipapakane Village in Ohangwena Region, died.

According to the police briefing, after the security guard fired the shot, the suspected robbers retreated and got into their getaway car and sped off. It is suspected the alleged robber who got shot died in the getaway car and his accomplices then reportedly threw him out. His body was discovered at Onalukono Village in the Oshana Region the next morning.

A statement was obtained from the security guard in question and the matter was forwarded to the Prosecutor General for her decision on whether to prosecute the guard or not.

The police at Otjiwarongo are also investigating a case of possible arson after 22 shacks caught fire and burned to ashes at a squatter camp in Orwetoveni on July 8 at around 10h55. No one was injured during the blaze, but all property in the shacks were destroyed.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and police investigations continue.

An unidentified male person, estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old, drowned in the sea near the Tug Restaurant in Swakopmund at about 10h55on July 8. It is alleged the victim was swimming when he was overpowered and swept away by the waves. The rescue team that arrived 25 minutes later conducted a search and found the body.

The police are still trying to identify the deceased and inform the next of kin.

The body of an adult Namibian male was discovered at about 01h00 on July 9 at the corner of Beijing and Delhi Streets in Otjimuise, Windhoek. He was identified as Nicolino Jossob and there were no visible injuries on the body. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. The next of kin was informed and police investigations continue.

A four-month old female baby, Sindimba Hermine Makena, was discovered dead by her parents when they woke up in the morning at Sauyemwa Compound in the Kavango West Region on July 9 at around 04h00. It is alleged that the baby slept in the same bed as the parents and might have died of suffocation. Police investigations continue.

A German national was allegedly the victim of a case of theft out of a motor vehicle at about 15h00 at Kamanjab Porcupine Lodge. It is alleged the tourist parked his vehicle at the lodge and went to the reception, but when he returned after 15 minutes found the vehicle had been broken into. The items stolen include two cameras, one Samsung cellphone, binoculars, one tripod, one backpack and some NWR documents with a total value of N$20 000. The police followed the footprints of the thief in the direction of a nearby residential area and in the process found the flight tickets. Nobody has been arrested and police investigations continue.

The police in the Hardap Region are investigating a case of rape after a 20-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a 34-year-old suspect. It is alleged the victim was walking from Gibeon to the T-junction to catch a lift to Keetmanshoop at about 13h40 on July 9 when the suspect followed and violated her.

Source: New Era