Namibia: Swapo School to Teach Parly Members

PARLIAMENTARIANS might have to attend the Swapo Party School, interim rector Marco Hausiku said yesterday.

Hausiku said this was proposed during the information-sharing session held on Saturday at the school's premises.

"The school will probably enrol parliamentarians, councillors and other people. It will teach them about the party's history, and the country's financial system, among other things. The training will last for two to three years, after which those who complete will be awarded their certificates," he noted.

Hausiku said the training will not serve to educate people for employment as most of those who will be enrolled are already employed.

He further said they will be launching the policy which will throw light on the syllabus of the school and the enrolment of students within the next two weeks.

"I was very happy because we achieved so much of what we intended to do during the information session. The fact that it was so well-attended speaks of the interest the public has in the school," he added.

Hausiku said most of what has been proposed exists already, but it was necessary to see what others think.

The Swapo school, which is situated at the old Media Institute of Southern Africa-Namibia premises, was officially launched in May this year, although the idea was born in 2002 already.

The Namibian reported before that the building where the school is situated belongs to former education minister David Namwandi.

Hausiku told The Namibian at the inauguration then that the school is expected to open in a few weeks, and that its first intake would be done through Swapo's regional offices.

Source: The Namibian.