The Namibian government plans to negotiate the purchase of the Areva Erongo desalination plant from the French mining company which own its, says Information Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Tjekero Tweya.

Tweya told a media briefing on the outcome of the recent Cabinet meeting on Friday that the government had, over the past few years, sought to purchase the Areva mining company's desalination plant, with expectations to start supplying water by 2016 and implement

long-term plans and strategies to beef up water supply to coastal towns and industries in Erongo Region (Province).

The Cabinet had also approved a proposal from the Cabinet Committee on Treasury (CCT) to consider the detailed financial implications involved in the purchase of the plant, and to submit a report to the Cabinet Committee on Overall Policies and Priorities, before it is re-submitted to Cabinet for a final decision.

He added that the CCT would take into account two options available to the government as solutions to ensure the provision of water.

The desalination plant is the largest of its kind in southern Africa, and is located at Wlotzkasbaken, some 30 kilometres from Swakopmund. It was inaugurated in 2010 to supply potable water to the Trekkopje Uranium Mine

Source: Nam News Network