Namibia: Vaalgras to Receive New School, Hostel

Members of the Vaalgras community are in a state of euphoria after news filtered through to them that new classrooms and a hostel block will soon be built in the area.

Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa made the announcement in a meeting with the community last week.

After repeated requests by the community for classrooms at the school to be revamped after a heavy rainstorm destroyed the classrooms in November 2014, the ministry has finally heeded their call and will construct new classrooms and a hostel at the village.

Hanse-Himarwa indicated to the community members present at the meeting that the ministry of education set aside N$104 million for the construction of a brand new school and a hostel, adding that work on the project has already started and calls for expressions of interest would soon be advertised.

Asked when the actual construction is set to start, as some individuals fear the bureaucratic process will delay the start of the construction, Hanse-Himarwa said it is difficult to determine an exact date, but assured the meeting that she will ensure work starts this year.

"What's important is that there is money available and it's at the advertising stage, but I want it to start this year," she said.

She thanked the community for exercising patience since the destruction of the classrooms some two years ago, saying it is now the residents' responsibility to take full ownership of the project and to ensure quality work is done.

She further called on the community to guard against vandalism once the construction is completed. She called on any contractor that will be given the task of building the school to ensure the work is done professionally and up to standard.

She stressed that companies that are awarded tenders must execute the projects on the basis of the set terms and conditions of the contract and must complete the work by the agreed upon time, saying standards should never be compromised.

"We must not compromise on quality, speed and standards. If a company is failing, then get rid of such company, because we can't harbour failure," she said.

She further encouraged the education director of the //Kharas Region |Awebahe ||Hoeseb to ensure that quality work is done by dictating to the Tender Board to cancel the tender of any company that fails to honour its contractual obligations.

Source: New Era