Namibian passports’ validity period to be increased to 10 years

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Stanley Simataa said the cabinet has authorised the Ministry of Home Affairs to increase the validity period of the three categories of Namibian passports to 10 years.

Simataa revealed this here on Thursday in a media briefing on the cabinet resolutions.

Cabinet authorised the increase of the validity period for the three categories of the Namibian passports (National, Diplomatic and Official) from the current five years to 10 years, he said.

He said passports are costly to acquire and many people do not regularly travel and use their passports in the current five years validity period.

I am sure you are aware that for us to produce our passports we are spending money and it is a lot of money and given a shorter period in terms of validity, surely there is no utility, said Simataa

Asked about the revenue that expiring passports is bringing into the government coffer, the minister said there might be reduction in revenue but, the money citizens pay for the passport is much less than the price of getting the passport.

The efficiency of utilising the passports, that if we keep it at five years validity period, there is a lot of inefficiency, particularly of the part of the government. What you are paying for the passport is just a fraction of the cost that the government pays to have the passports in the country, he said.

Simataa added that with the extension of the passport validity period to 10 years it is cost effective in the long run.

In an Interview with Nampa on Friday, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration public relations officer, Salome Kambala said that only new passports that will be having a 10 years validity period.

People have to use their current passports until they expire. Only then when they renew, their passports, then they will be offered the one having a 10 years validity period, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency