Namibian Police Force faces lack of proper facilities to house human trafficking victims

Namibian Police Force (Nampol) Deputy Inspector General of Operations, Oscar Embubulu, said a lack of proper facilities to accommodate victims of human trafficking and their families is one of the challenges the police is facing.

Embubulu made these comments today during the commemoration of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons in the capital, under the theme ‘Committed to the cause – working on the front line to end human trafficking.’

He said NamPol is determined to disrupt and frustrate the intent and capabilities of criminal syndicates and individual perpetrators that continuously exploit and grow illicit enterprises for criminal gain, but a robust approach by all stakeholders is needed to address the challenges NamPol and prosecuting authorities face in securing justice for the victims of trafficked persons.

“The lack of resources to carry out educational programmes to have a better understanding by law enforcers, stakeholders, the community and victims themselves of the elements of the crime. Lack of resources to acquire more intensive training on trafficking of persons, improve investigation skills and delays in obtaining evidence from other countries,” said Embubulu.

He added that currently, the police have 48 registered cases of human trafficking under investigation, although the statistics may not necessarily be reflective of the entire reality on the ground because some cases go unreported.

Source: Namibia Press Agency