Namibians are tired of absolute poverty: Kapere

WINDHOEK: The Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council (NYC), Mandela Kapere says a lot of Namibians still live under the poverty line.

Speaking during a media launch of the United Nations (UN) 70th anniversary that was held on Friday at the UN House in the capital, Kapere said that there are still a lot of Namibians living under the poverty line which requires drastic measures to be taken to remove them out of absolute poverty.

According to Kapere, the (NYC) together with other organizations such as the Council of Churches and the National Union of Namibian Workers have joined hands calling all Namibians to rise up and declare a war on absolute poverty.

“All Namibians should rise up and say we are tired of absolute poverty” called on Kapere.

Although Namibia is doing well in terms of development by getting governance processes in place, in the level of economic development that has been achieved as a country he said all this achievement has been without a growth in jobs which has left Namibians in absolute poverty.

Speaking at the launch, UN Resident Coordinator, Kiki Gbeho also said that there still remain a number of areas where poverty has been resistant to efforts to eradicate its impact. Poverty levels are higher in rural areas compared to urban centers. Female- headed households; subsistence farmers and young people are all disproportionally affected.

She further said that for development to occur, people cannot be hungry or thirsty. They must be healthy, educated and be able to earn a living. Then and only they can contribute towards improving the social and economic well-being of their communities.