Namibians call for an end to GBV

Namibian corporates, civil society, business persons, entertainers and celebrities take a firm stand to root out gender-based violence (GBV) alongside Mobile telecommunication Limited (MTC) Saturday evening at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort.

The mobile telecommunication giant hosted the MTC Knockout Project, with the aim of eliminating gender-based violence in Namibia, an event that saw Namibians from all walks of life and stand together in one voice calling for the end to gender-based violence and advocating social change.

Many were dress in black as a sign that there is a dark cloud over the country and drastic change is needed to save lives lost to GBV.

Radio personality and master of ceremonies Che Ulenga at the event noted that the growing number of reports about GBV cases has become a tragic remember of how it has become a time that each and every responsible men and woman to put forward the agenda of GBV of women, children and men.

'It is now the little things that matter, the littles ones, the little things that he or she does, the red flags, the mental wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. Those are the things that matter'. noted Ulenga.

Human rights activist Rosa Namises echoed the sentiments like other speakers before her calling for a stop to GBV and saying demonstrations are not working thus called on the President to call a state of emergency on GBV.

'Lets as make this violence one of emergency so that all of us act like that (state of emergency),' said Namises.

The first fight of the night saw hip-hop arts and radio personality, Mathew Kapofi exchanging blows with communication practitioner Mufaro Nengomashe.

Kapofi took down his opponent in the first round of the 56minute in a fight scheduled for three rounds.

Hikwa musician, Sunny boy won his fight on points after three rounds against radio personality Dj Cheeze.

Meanwhile, master of ceremony and radio personality Paul da Prince and hip-hop artist Kp Illest fight ended in a draw.

News anchor Theo Ishuna won the fight on points after three rounds against radio personality Jossy Joss.

Sports personalist Paulus Shipanga and Dokkies fight ended in a draw.

The fight between gospel artist D-Naff and Amos Kambonde ended in a no contest judgement.

Motivational speaker and banker Sam Shivute won his fight against radio personality Max T in the first round after his opponent quit the fight.

Businessman Michael Vermeulen took down Kwiku musician Tate buti in the second round of their three-round fight to win the fight on TKO.

In the last fight of the night Land Activist Job Amupanda TKO Businessman JJ Doesed in the first round.

Source: Namibia Press Agency