Namibians Warned Not to Visit Ebola Hit Countries

THE ministry of health today aised Namibians not to travel to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Minister of health Richard Kamwi said, “those travelling to affected countries for mass gatherings like religious and sporting events and conferences will put us [Namibia] at risk of getting the infection and spreading the disease.”

Kamwi also aised people traveling from those countries not to visit Namibia.

These countries have been hit by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

Kamwi however said that visitors from affected countries will be screened in their countries and again upon entering Namibia.

The head of the emergency health department, Dr Jack Vries earlier this week assured the nation that the country is prepared for Ebola, should it strike.

Vries said the country is already prepared for this eventuality and had set aside of a ward at the Windhoek Central Hospital for the treatment in isolation of anyone with contagious diseases such as Ebola.

“We have a room at ward East on the sixth floor at the Central Hospital and it has been used for contagious diseases. We will use it should Ebola arrive. We are definitely ready for Ebola,” said Vries.

So far the Ebola virus has killed more than 1 000 people.

Source : The Namibian