Namibia’s social protection systems must be strengthened: Kapewangolo

The Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare (MPESW) says there is a great need to strengthen country's social protection systems to arrest poverty amongst the most vulnerable in the communities.

The Deputy Minister of MPESW AinoKapewangolo said this during the workshop program for the Social Protection Policy and the Decentralisation of the Social Welfare Function held at Rundu on Monday.

The Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare (MPESW) is mandated to lead and coordinate national efforts to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality in Namibia.

The Ministry is coordinating the formulation of the National Social

Protection Policy (SPP) intended to create a social protection system that is efficient and effective in addressing risks and vulnerabilities that people face in different stages of their lives.

The ministry also has the intention to decentralize the Social Welfare

Function and subsequently the Decentralization Action and Decentralization

Implementation Plans which has necessitated the consultative meetings at the regional level.

The country's social protection system is regarded as comprehensive when compared to many systems in Africa, especially Southern Africa, she said.

However, she said the system is still largely fragmented and exclusive with a lack of effective synergy of social protection policies hence the need for social protection reforms.

The deputy minister said President HageGeingob through the Harambee Prosperity Plan tasked the ministry to investigate the feasibility of consolidating the social grants into a more effective coordinated safety net.

The ministry she noted took up the call as per their mandate to coordinate the drafting of the social protection policy.

Kapewangolo said most of the interventions in the draft policy are not new but requires strengthening in order to address the basic needs of the people to lift them out of abject poverty.

The workshop ends on Tuesday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency