NamPol arrests more than 80 for drug possession

About 84 Namibians along with two Tanzanian and two Congolese nationals were arrested alleged drug possession worth N.dollars 334 920 in September.

The crime report issued by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) on Monday said Cannabis topped the seized list with 18,8 kilogram (kg) worth N.dollars 187 600 while 2,2 kg skunk cannabis valued N.dollars 50 300 was second and third was 691 Mandrax tablets worth N.dollars 82 920.

Among the other drugs that were confiscated are Cocaine powder (4 grams) valued N.dollars 2 000 and crack cocaine (121) units worth N.dollars 12 100.

Meanwhile, there were 9 cases of alleged Possession of cannabis and mandrax reported over the weekend.

In Khorixas, three men (23,24 and 27) were arrested after they were allegedly found in possession skunk cannabis and mandrax tablets on Friday and police investigation continues

In Kalkrand, three males aged 18, 24 and 27 years old were arrested after 70 grams (g) and 55 g of skunk cannabis along with one parcel of pure cannabis was found respectively on Friday.

It is valued at value of N.dollars 7 900 combined and police investigation continues.

Also, in Kamanjab, a 28-years-old man was arrested after his house was raided by NamPol where 30 ballies of pure cannabis and loose pure cannabis in a black plastic were discovered on Friday.

The weight and value of the cannabis is yet to be determined and police investigation continues.

Two men, 34 and 30, respectively, were arrested for allegedly dealing cannabis in Wanaheda on Friday.

In Monte Cristo Road, Hakahana informal settlement, a Nigerian national was arrested after he was found in possession of cannabis valued at N.dollars 220 000 and police investigations continue around 14h00.

In Helen Street,Greenwell Matongo informal settlement,a 30 years old male was arrested after he was found with 30 ballies and one half parcel of cannabis were seized from him at about 13h00 and police investigation continues.

Meanwhile, in Omaruru five men aged 17, 19, 21, 21 and 28 years were arrested after they were allegedly found in possession of mandrax tablets and cannabis valued at N.dollars 4 680 during a NamPol raid on Friday.

Similarly, in Tsumeb, a 32-year-old man was arrested after he was allegedly found in possession of cannabis on Friday at about 19h00 and police investigation continues.

In Aroab, 25 ballies of cannabis and mandrax powder was allegedly found in possession of three men who were arrested on Sunday at around 005 at the New Extension.

In Wanaheda a 27-years-old male was arrested for alleged possession of cocaine after he was found in possession of 66 rocks of crack cocaine on Monday at about 03h00 in Amathea Street.

The value of the drug is yet to be determined. Police investigations continue.

Source: Namibia Press Agency