NamPol records increase in police reservists

Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force Lieutenant, Sebastian Ndeitunga said there has been an increase in the number of Police Reservist in the Khomas region.

Reservist are not permanent employee's per-se, but rather voluntary workers who are required to perform Police duties, for not more than 10 hours a month.

Ndeitunga who was addressing the Police Reserve Force indicated that there were 142 reservists, of which 113 were male person while 29 were females by 01 July 2019.

He however said the number has increased to 151 reservists whereby 120 are males and 31 are female currently.

Ndeitunga added that Community Policing is the backbone crime prevention, which is one of the core functions of the Force.

The importance community policing provides for the establishment of structure and responsibilities of neighbourhood watches, Ndeitunga stressed.

He went on to say community policing emphasises the need for police community partnership and problem solving approach for the need of the community.

This concept is of the view that the community co-operation as essential to successful crime prevention and the development of programmes to obtain willing community assistance, he said.

Ndeitunga further added that the meeting signified the common and shared vision as well as commitment towards a joint and professional endeavour.

Inspector General said the meeting was aimed at combating crime and bring about interventions that are effective and efficient for policing in Namibia.

Source: Namibia Press Agency