NamPower planning four new power plants

NamPower Managing Director KahengeSimsonHaulofu said Nampower new strategic plan will see a construction of four new power generation plants in the next five years, that will produce 150 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

Haulofu revealed this on Wednesday while presenting the new NamPower corporate strategy and business plan for 2019 to 2023 adding that the new strategic plan will want to achieve production of 220 MW of electricity in total.

He said the country is challenged by among others the large dependence on power imports and also challenged with the alignment of supply mix to changing demand profile.

He said Nampower will construct Omburu PV power project, producing 20 MW near Omaruru at the cost of N.dollars 500 million, and it is expected to operational as of 2020.

The second project is Otjikoto Biomass Power project near Tsumeb which is expected to produce 40 MW, at a cost of N.dollars 1.9 billion and it expected to be operational in 2020.

Luderitz wind power project will be the third project and it will produce 40 MW, and will be constructed at cost of N.dollars 1.1 billion and is expected to be operational by 2020.

The fourth project is the Firm Power (Anixas II) project that will be at Walvis Bay, producing 50 MW, with a construction cost of N.dollars 1.2 billion and will be operational as from March 2021.

Nampower will also procure independent power produce (IPP) to develop a 20MW Solar PV plant either near Gobabis or Rehoboth, at a cost of N.dollars 400 million and another IPP to develop 50MW wind plant at a cost of N.dollars 1242 million near Luderitz and is expected to be operational June 2022 he said.

All these projects are done under the Nampower balance sheet, Halofu said.

All the power plants are having a lifecycle of 25 years.

He also added that the new corporate strategy includes building of three transmission project: 400kV Auas to Gerus transmission line, 400kV Ausas to Kokerboom 2 and 400kv Obib to Oranjemond.

The Auas-Gerus line will provide security to northern and north eastern areas and reduce network losses on loaded 220kV system and Bypass 400/220kV transformer bottleneck at Auas station, he said.

He added the Ausas-Kokerboom 2 will provide security of supply, network stability and sufficient capacity especially during peak times with Ruacana low Kunene river flow and allow maintenance and refurbishment opportunities on existing line and associated equipment, while Obib to Oranjemond line the will provide security of supply and network stability as a second main interconnector to the Eskom network main source of strength.

Source: Namibia Press Agency