Namukwambi calls for environmental ambassadors

Deputy Mayor of Ondangwa, Saima Namukwambi has called on all residents of the town to be environmental ambassadors within their respective communities.

Namukwambi made the call whilst addressing the residents, who participated in the town's annual cleaning campaign on Friday.

Environmental ambassadors are volunteers who protect Mother Nature by doing anything they can to prevent further environmental degradation, the deputy mayor alluded.

She encouraged the residents to plant trees, educating the public and holding cleaning exercises from time to time if protection of the nature and prevention of environmental degradation is to be realised.

According to her, environmental ambassadors can be everyone including industries, as they also have a moral responsibility to protect the natural surroundings in which they do business.

Namukwambi assured that Ondangwa Town Council, together with all stakeholders, will always strive to keep the town clean to hold on its title as the town of the year in terms of tidiness.

Mayor of Ondangwa, Paavo Amwele kick-started the cleaning campaign of the town on Monday when he donated his own trucks and employees to be part of the cleaning.

Amwele is not new to contribute own resources to the town's cleaning programme, as when he joined the council during the 2016/17 financial year donated his monthly allowance to the clean-up campaign.

Ondangwa in 2017 was the runner-up in the country's clean town competition and was declared the cleanest town in Namibia this year.

Source: Namibia Press Agency