Namwater undertakes study of Uis boreholes

Ongoing feasibility studies by Namwater at Uis settlement in the Erongo Region will determine where new pipelines to be connected to boreholes would be constructed, spokesperson Johannes Shigwedha has said.

In a telephonic interview with New Era on Tuesday, Shigwedha said they would be able to determine the size of the pipelines as well as the cost estimates of the pipeline project within the next two months.

Namwater has drilled a number of boreholes some 50 kilometers from Uis in a last-ditch attempt to address the lingering water crisis at the settlement.

Shigwedha previously said the boreholes are on hilly terrain and what remains to be done is to connect them to the settlement.

This week he acknowledged that the said the Uis water situation is an emergency and said they are working to address it.

Currently Namwater transports water to Uis by truck and there are anumber of private trucks provided by sympathisers who took it upon themselves to help the Uis community by transporting water to the settlement.

The dry spells experienced across the country over past few years have contributed to the depletion of the boreholes at Uis, necessitating that Namwater and concerned citizens transport water to the settlement by truck.

Chris Theron, a local radio personality and conservationist, is one of the people actively involved in ensuring there is water for basic needs at Uis.

He told New Era on Tuesday that he works with other sympathisers from all over the country to take water to the settlement.

He explained that trucks carrying 20 000 litres of water each are sent to Uis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A truck costs N$5 000 and we are sponsored by people from all over. Everything goes to the community of Uis, he said, noting that the project would continue for the next three months if it does not rain.

We don't get cash donations from people. People can buy water and we will organise to take it to Uis, Theron advised, adding that the Uis community is overwhelmed by the assistance they have received from people across Namibia.

I can just say thank you to everybody who is helping the people of Uis. They are quite happy. They know the hardship of being without water. We see people with tears in their eyes when we take them water.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia