Nangoloh On Verge of Divorce

Human rights aocate and director of Namibia’s human rights watchdog, NamRights, Phil Ya Nangoloh is divorcing his wife of more than 21 years.

According court papers, Nangoloh filed for divorce on 18 August and was granted an order for restitution of conjugal rights and for his estranged wife, Ilona Niilonga ya Nangoloh, to return to or receive him on or before 29 September and failing which to show cause if any on 27 October why the marriage should not be dissolved.

The couple has one daughter from the marriage. They reached an out of court settlement that was made an order of the court.

According to the settlement agreement, Iilona Ya Nangoloh will not contest the divorce proceedings and Phil ya Nangoloh will return five female goats as well as all his wife’s pots, including her special pot that she received from her father and all her clothes still on the farm and should pay for the transportation.

Each party will retain all other assets currently in his or her possession, the settlement reads.

It further states that Ya Nangoloh will transfer his 50 percent interest in the house at Erf 32 Kleine Kuppe into the maiden name of his wife, being Amukutuwa and will assist her in changing her surname and be liable for any costs.

In addition it was agreed that Mrs Ya Nangoloh will transfer her 50 percent interest in a property situated at Erf 1452, Wanaheda, Katutura and any other immoveable properties registered in both their names to Ya Nangoloh who will then be the sole owner of such properties.

Each party will be responsible for hisher own costs in the divorce proceedings.

According to the particulars of claim in the proceedings Ya Nangoloh accused his wife of frequently quarrelling with him, showing no love or affection towards him, failed and refused to communicate with him, refused him marital privileges and showed no serious intention of continuing with the marriage causing him to move out of the common home in February 1999.

He also asked for condonation for having an adulterous affair with Emela da Silva from which one child was born during 1999, but said that was after all hopes of reconciliation between him and his wife were dashed.

Source : New Era