Nanso launches campaign on access to education at Rundu

The President of the Namibian National Student Organisation (NANSO), Simon Taapopi on Thursday at the launch of the campaign on access to education said they will be campaigning for quality of education that is currently not being offered in Namibian schools.

Taapopi said this at the launch of access to basic education campaign launched on Thursday here.

The student leader said there are a lot of challenges in the provision of access to basic education which need to be addressed and ensure that every Namibian deserving child has got the opportunity to education.

According to Taapopi, the campaign is primarily aimed at addressing challenges affecting access to basic education and come with solutions that will ensure to address them to ensure that every Namibian child is able to have a place to learn.

The student organisation said it would make sure that the quality of education is not compromised.

Under this campaign, we want to have a serious campaign on the quality of school The infrastructure and the quality outcomes of education This country spends a lot of money on education but the country is not reaping the benefits of those investments, he said.

He said for the past 10 years, the country's education system did not obtain a pass rate of over 70 per cent but billions of money are being spent every year stressing that the country needs to have a serious discussion where it is putting its money.

We have to make quality assurance and evaluate the investment we are making in education or we will be forced to come up with other solutions, said the student leader.

He further added that there is a need to speak on the issue of free basic education because it has compromised education since schools do not have textbooks now, schools falling apart and no laboratories.

Taapopi said the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has failed to provide quality educational infrastructure to the Namibian child since it expects a child schooling in Okanguati in Kunene region under a tree to have the same results with a child seating in Windhoek equipped with computers and laboratories and they are given the same question paper to write.

How do you expect the child to pass? If they all going to be tested using the same method, they must all be equipped with the same resources, he argued.

Source: Namibia Press Agency