Nanso worried about challenges of rural learners

The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) is worried about the challenges some learners in rural areas face in order to access education.

The student body's national structure, led by president Ester Simon, was visiting Erongo Region on Friday to revive the region's dormant structures and address learners on issues such as teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and discipline.

Addressing learners from various schools in the region, Simon said that it is cumbersome to see that some learners, especially those in rural areas, are still being taught under trees, sleep on cold floors and walk long distance to attend school.

There are even 60 learners in some classrooms and some even share a chair, a worried Simon told learners on Friday.

Simon has been visiting various regions in the country to take stock on the challenges facing learners in their quest to access education and also to establish regional structures that has become inactive.

She added that access to education is heavily compromised by what learners are going through on a daily basis and that these are some of the challenges that need to be addressed if Namibia expects excellent results from its learners.

We complain about the results at the end of the year, but we do not identify the root causes of poor performance. That is why we need students and learners to take it upon themselves to highlight such issues to us, she said.

Hence, she says, it is important that regional structures are revived in all regions to look at the issues learners face so that the national student body can take it up with the relevant authorities.

Simon also urged learners to address issues such as teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and ill discipline, among others, as these were the main issues affecting the performance of learners at schools.

You should engage each other on these issues. Advice one another that social activities should not be the driving force why you are at school. Aim for bigger and much better things, as your future is in your own hands. Let us study hard and aim to become educated, productive citizens of the country she said.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia