Narrenwecker fest, a taste of the KAska Carnival

The sound of live music, dancing girls, jubilant sing-alongs and lots of 'Narrenwecker' merry making last Saturday, heralded the arrival of the KAska Carnival, which is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year.

Over 500 people attended the Narrenwecker street fest, a taste of things to come. And as all will agree Swakopmund wouldn't be the same without its frolicking week of KAska Carnival activities. Apart from the whole town coming together to join the beer swilling, bratwurst eating bash, the real aim is to ring the bell and let the townsfolk know that the carnival is coming to town, within six days from today on June 16 to 23. The 2018 carnival theme Lasst Die Puppen Tzen which translated means let the dolls dance � sounds like there is loads of enjoyment to be had, especially with all the elaborate hand-made decorations and costumes, including the elaborate uniforms worn by the 12 'Garde Girls', who lead the float procession.

The action packed programme kicks off with the 'Prinzenball' next Friday when the customary new KAska Prince and Princess are crowned, complete with all the ceremonial pomp and laughter that goes with this colourful occasion. And whilst the adults are at play, the 'KAskika', the children's carnival on Saturday, will also take place, where dances, fancy dress, plays and a host of activities are performed by the children to entertain the public throughout the day. Activities will flow into the following week with the 'Damenabend' held on Monday June 18, the popular 'International Evening' on Tuesday, 'Mixed Evening' on Wednesday and 'Butenabend', which all take place at the Haus der Jugend.

One of the highlights must be the 'Maskenball' which takes place Friday night at the SFC, where ticket holders turn up in fancy costume and outfits beyond your wildest imagination.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia