National library and archives renovation to run until March 2020

Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture said renovation of the National Library and the National Archives of Namibia building, will run from July 209 to March 2020 at a cost of N.dollars 18.5 million.

In a media statement issued on Tuesday, the Education ministry is informing the general public, students, researchers and other stakeholders that the renovation of the National Library and National Archives of Namibia building will cause a periodic interruption of service deliveries from time to time.

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has prioritized the renovation due to the frequent downtimes, which has been experienced by both institutions, hence the building is one of the projects that are being funded by the African Development Bank to the tune of about N$18.5 million, the statement reads.

The ministry said the money has been set aside to replace all water pipes, repair the fire sprinkler system, the electrical works and the overhauling of the air-conditioning system, amongst other repairs.

The ministry further stated that the renovation process is very essential to ensure that the country's documentary heritage is preserved for research and for posterity.

Source: Namibia Press Agency