National Road Safety Council and the Motor-Vehicle Accident Fund have rubbished claims by University of Michigan that Namibia has one of the highest vehicle accident death rates in world

WINDHOEK: The information was contained in a report titled ‘Mortality from road crashes in 193 countries: A comparison with other leading causes of death’, issued by Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle last month, and also published by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The study from the University of Michigan indicated that Namibia topped the list with a fatality rate of 45 per 100 000 people, while Sudan, Swaziland, Congo and the Central African Republic all rank in the 30s.

The NRSC and the MVA said in a joint media statement yesterday that the information is ‘inaccurate, misleading and detrimental to Namibia’s good image and reputation’.

According to data from the two entities, Namibia’s fatality rate per 100 000 people stood at 23.28, meaning it does not top the rankings in terms of road accident deaths.