NBC employees call for reversal of austerity measures

Employees at the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has called on its management and Board of Directors to reverse all austerity measures with immediate effect.

During a countrywide demonstration on Tuesday, the employees in a petition expressed that the recent announcement of the austerity measures have caused unnecessary panic and stress among workers and at the same time tarnishing the broadcaster's name.

The measures which were imposed earlier this month include switching off live cameras from parliament and abolishing four of its television channels, due to the dire financial situation the company finds itself in.

It is also disheartening to note that the board of NBC considers retrenchment as option to reduce cos during the period of high rates of unemployment in the country.

We have also noted with dismay that there are outstanding payments to third parties such as pension funds, medical aid, home loans and others, although indicated as such on payslips

The employees added that third party payments have also not been made for the past three months, placing some employees on blacklists while affecting their credit.

Due to non-payment of transport agents, we are faced with shortages as most cars are now grounded and not operational, the petition continued.

Other grievances included the exorbitant amounts of money spend on trips for Subsistence and Transport allowance, spending money on the outsourcing of independent contractors instead of NBC employees.

Top management payroll is outsourced, putting strain on the already scares company resources.

Alleged nepotism, discrimination, tribalism and regionalism are also issues, according to the employees, which create an unconducive environment for employees to work in and it creates unproductivity, which hinders the effectiveness of the organisation's operations.

The employees therefore demanded among others, declared a vote of no confidence in the NBC management and board of directors, demanded transparency in the NBC Chief's payroll as well as the immediate removal of employees on Trans-union Credit Bureau (ITC) and make full payment to all third parties

We also ask NBC to honour the recognition agreement between NAPWU and the employees.

In addition, NBC should also do away with the one-month contracts for employees and employ all contract workers who have been on contracts for more than seven years, permanently.

The petition was read and handed over separately across the country.

NBC Erongo Station Manager Cele Nkuvi received the petition on behalf of management and board of directors in the Erongo Region.

Source: Namibia Press Agency