NBL wins four accolades

(From left to right) Gerhard Ilgenfritz, President Private Brauereien Bayern e.V.; Markus Scholz, NBL Brewing Technologist; Homateni Kapewangolo, NBL Manager Quality Control; Christian Mueller, NBL Brewmaster; and Renate Scheibner, President Private Brauereien Deutschland e.V.Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) has been awarded the Deutsche Landwirtschafts- Gesellschaft (DLG) achievements for 2013. It is the first time in history that NBL has achieved four gold medals for all its brands, namely Tafel Lager, Windhoek Draught, Windhoek Lager and Windhoek Light. Christian Mueller, Manager Brewing at NBL said  “The DLG awards are of utmost importance to NBL as they are the only awards where more than the mere taste of beer is being measured – scientifically – and this proves that the beer is world class and can compete against hundreds of German beers as well as beers from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Tanzania, to mention but a few”.