Ndeitunga calls on political parties to campaign maturely

After members of political parties were quarrelling over the use of a tree Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Inspector General, Sebastian Ndeitunga warned that trees do not vote and for them to be mature.

In an interview with Nampa here on Wednesday, Ndeitunga explained that recently NamPol was called to Mix informal settlement to attend to a incident where members of political parties where quarrelling over hanging rights of flags on a certain tree.

This is totally immature and trees may be happy when they have a lot of flags but trees do not vote, Ndeitunga said.

He added it is unnecessary for people to fight over trees.

This embarrasses our country. People outside might say we are immature campaigners, Ndeitunga said.

Namibia's democracy will come into play for its Presidential and National Assembly elections are scheduled for 27 November 2019.

He advised all political parties to campaign maturely and not to involve in situations that may be considered provocative or violent.

This is a crucial process for our nation whereby citizens should respect one another while campaigning and be mature which will show the world that Namibia is mature when it comes to democracy, Ndeitunga said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency