Ndeitunga encourages police action on social media ‘insults’

Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has called on NamPol regional commanders to deal with young people who are insulting elders and leaders on social media.

Ndeitunga made the call at Oshakati in the Oshana Region during the official inauguration of the regional NamPol headquarters on Friday.

We cannot have our President, elders and leaders insulted by young people, we know them and we will deal with them, stated the NamPol chief.

He wants to see the NamPol commanders calling to order anybody disrespecting and insulting the President, any elder or leader on social media.

According to him, those insulting the President of the country and other leaders are known and it is just a matter of time before the Police taking action against them.

Enough is enough of these insults, Ndeitunga fumed, adding that leaders and elders, including retired NamPol commanders such as the former Police commander in the Oshana Region, Elisa Haulyondjaba, deserved respect from each citizen.

Ndeitunga during the same event handed Haulyondjaba a medal in recognising him as one of the pioneers of policing service in Namibia, especially in the Oshana Region.

He also cautioned members of NamPol to refrain from involving in politics, saying it is contrary to their profession and compromise efficient policing service in the country.

A number of NamPol regional commanders from all over Namibia attended the event.

Source: Namibia Press Agency